Oh, dear heavens! What’s this?

Is Tokyo having freak, concentrated snowfall in the middle of summer? Have Mr. Freeze and Iceman been duking it out in Ginza? Is it a cotton candy terrorist attack??

Actually, despite the best guesses of our wild imaginations, the white doom slowly creeping out of the sewer in these pictures is nothing more than soap bubbles.

It turns out that an employee at a company that produces commercials dumped 40 liters of body soap down the sink. The entirely predictable results are what you see in the photograph above.

The company office is located on the 13th floor of the Sumitomo Shiodome Building in Ginza, so the soap had a long journey through which to get nice and frothy! After the soap spilled out onto the street, police and firefighters worked into the night to clear the roads. Their bravery will live on in our hearts forever. Unfortunately, no children were present to run screaming through the mess and then track soap-prints through freshly cleaned living rooms.

Company officials assured the public that the soap was harmless and did not pose any danger. Concerned netizens shared their feelings:

I bet that the whole area smells great now!

Surely this is actually poisonous, right?

There’s got to be something wrong with that building!!

Why the hell did the company have that much body soap?? Do they have a full shower room or something?

I bet there are people out there who would mistake this for snow if not told otherwise.


Two videos of the incident have already surfaced on YouTube. As they depict graphic scenes of soap bubbles, viewer discretion is advised.

Source: Asahi, Itai News