Japanese netizen’s sole talent of making dense foam out of face wash impresses Internet

This person may not think they’re good at anything else, but they sure are good at making bubbles.

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Employee flushes 40 liters of soap, bubbly carnage ensues

Oh, dear heavens! What’s this?

Is Tokyo having freak, concentrated snowfall in the middle of summer? Have Mr. Freeze and Iceman been duking it out in Ginza? Is it a cotton candy terrorist attack??

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Carbonate Water in 35 Seconds!  The Home Soda Machine Hits Japan

A refreshing bubbly drink is desirable in any season, but particularly in hot weather.  Pour it over ice on a hot day and you have an excellent refresher.

While it comes after the hot and humid summer has passed, Soda Sparkle, the home soda machine that lets you take plain water and carbonate it, finally came to Japan earlier this year!

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Don’t feel constrained by the passage of time – enjoy it instead with the Awaglass!

Okay, who came up with the brilliant idea of replacing the sand in an hourglass with bubbles? Whoever it was, the end result is absolutely beautiful! Just take a look at this creative product from designer Norihiko Terayama’s company Studio Note, and we think you’ll agree. The name of the product, Awaglass, is obviously a pun on the word “hour” and “awa“, which in Japanese means bubbles, and true to its name, the Awaglass involves lots of beautiful bubbles rising up from the lower half of the hourglass to the upper half. The bubbles truly create a fantastical picture, and we have the pictures and video below to share with you. Read More