Police in Sakai City, Osaka are currently investigating a 46-year-old man found hanged in an public housing complex apartment that wasn’t his. The actual owner, a 21-year-old man, has since disappeared. This strange story all started when the young tenant received a phone call from an unidentified man speaking in a Tokyo area dialect that said “someone is dead in your room.”

The young man weighed his options following this creepy call. His options being to rush in to help or stay the hell away. He chose the latter and called his step father asking him what to do. The step father decided to call his wife, the young man’s mother, as a person possibly lay dead in the apartment. The mother then called her daughter. The daughter then called her own husband, the young man’s older brother-in-law. Finally, the brother-in-law and his co-worker decided to go check it out themselves.

They went to the young man’s apartment on the 10th floor of the complex and rang the doorbell. Surprisingly a strange man, believed to be in his 40’s, answered the door. He said in a voice similar to the one in the phone call, “indeed, someone is dead in this room” and gestured for them to enter.

When the men entered the apartment, they saw the shirtless and lifeless body of a man hanging by an electrical cord from a curtain rack. Immediately they called the cops, however, the stranger who had invited them in took the opportunity to escape.

The body was identified as an acquaintance of the young man’s mother. The mother was planning on moving in with her son and called him to come help carry things. He was spending the night in the young man’s room at the time of… whatever the hell happened.

To make matters more mysterious, the young man at the center of all this has also disappeared. According to the mother, they have been able to receive phone calls from him but have no way of reaching him from their phones. Police are understandably unsure of what went down in this public housing complex and are investigating the death as both a suicide and act of foul play. Any master detectives out there care to unravel this one?

Source: J Cast News via Hachima Kiko

According to reports, the building complex where the dead body was found.