A Japanese Twitter bot has surfaced on the microblogging service in recent months which has confused many a follower. Its sole purpose seems to be posting photos depicting food burnt to various degrees.

Followers of Burnt Cooking Bot (Kogeta Ryori Botto) can expect a new photo of blackened food about every one or two hours.  Here are just a few of them randomly drawn from its Twitter feed.









Pictures seem to recycle fairly often so don’t worry about missing out on some hot charred food action. And if you have a tendency to set off the smoke alarm in your kitchen you can DM a photo of your accidental art for Burnt Cooking Bot’s collection.

In addition to this gallery, the bot also occasionally tweets out notices such as:

[Notice] In previous replies and DMs I often hear “I want to add Shigeru Matsuzaki” with an attached photo of him. But I cannot add Shigeru Matsuzaki because he is not a dish. Thank you.


Shigeru Matsuzaki is a pop singer who is also known for his uncanny ability to tan to amazing levels of darkness. A talent which could have earned him a spot in Burnt Cooking Bot’s gallery had he only been a waffle.

It’s just that kind of diligence and adherence to one’s principles – whatever they are – that earned Burnt Cooking Bot their 9,000 plus followers and counting. Godspeed you, black Twitterbot!

Source: Twitter – @coge_coge_bot (Pictures of Burnt Food) via Togetchi (Japanese)
Shigeru Matsuzaki Image: Amazon