This premise should definitely be an anime.

Even though there are plenty of people in Japan with 2-D crushes, some just prefer the old fashioned idea of going out with a real, 3-D human being.

But one of the many drawbacks of trying to date a 3-D person is that you can’t just access all their information online. Characters from anime have whole websites and wikis about them, telling you everything from their birthday to their height to their favorite flavors of ice cream.

Sure, following your crush’s Twitter account is a decent way to get a peek at who they are. But even that can be difficult, as Japanese Twitter user @yuruphilia explained in a recent post:

▼ Sometimes that Twitter “follow” button can be scary to click.
(Translation below)

“When I was in high school, the girl I liked had a Twitter account but it was locked so only followers could see it. I figured just following her out of nowhere would come off as creepy, so instead I made a Twitter bot that posted daily famous sayings from historical figures. When it hit 3,000 followers, I felt it was big enough to follow her. But when I think about that today, man doing it that way was way creepier.”

That’s, uh, one way to go about things for sure!

On the one hand, they’re probably right that just following their crush out of nowhere would’ve come off as a bit strange. However, wouldn’t it be even stranger for the girl when a nameless, faceless bot that she has no connection to follows her?

▼ As another Twitter user posted, there are a ton of these kinds of “historical figure quote” bots,
so we don’t know which one was specifically @yuruphilia’s.

Either way, this premise needs to be made into a light novel. I can already see the title now: I Just Wanted to Follow My Crush on Twitter and Now I’ve Accidentally Created a Viral Historical Quote Bot.

Here’s what Japanese netizens thought of the situation:

“Creepy but amazing.”
“That’s impressive for a high schooler.”
“I think you would’ve had a higher chance of success if you’d create a lyric-bot for a band she liked.”
“Your motives were impure, but your execution was genius.”
“I will add this method to my own, thank you!”
“The definition of putting all your energy in the wrong place.”

Unfortunately we don’t know what happened between @yuruphilia and their crush, but that’s all the more reason why the light novel needs to be written. Maybe someone at school finds out what they did and blackmails them, maybe their crush falls in love with the bot instead… you can even write the story yourself and sed it to a Japanese publisher!

Source: Twitter/@yuruphilia via My Game News Flash, Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso (Edited by SoraNews24)
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