Japan’s lap-pillow ear-cleaning salons aren’t just for pervy guys, we find out

Our female reporter gets her ears cleaned by someone else for the first time in years, and loves it.

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Japanese fashion company develops fabric mask with velcro-edge eating technology

We may no longer have to completely remove our masks for socially-distant dining out experiences.

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Pokémon PON handwashing stamps available to help keep your hands squeaky clean

Having trouble washing your hands for 30 seconds? Pokémon can help!

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PPAP’s Pikotaro launches new attack against coronavirus with medicated hand-soap line

You have a hand? You need this soap! Uh. Wash wash wash wash wash.

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Japanese chemistry professor shows why three kinds of masks could be effective against the virus

A helpful science experiment shows that masks, whether bought in a store or made at home, can help protect you against coronavirus. 

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Ingenius method of getting Japanese kids to practice hand-washing earns a stamp of approval

Any parents in Japan fretting about their kids’ hand hygiene will want to buy one of these cute stamps.

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Pikachu, I choose you to fight infection! Color-changing Pokémon hand soap now on sale in Japan

“It’s super effective!” should really be the tagline for this new Pokémon soap product. 

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Mr. Sato buys an electric earwax cleaner, takes it for a spin

Great, another job taken over by machines.

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Survey shows one in 20 otaku only takes a bath once a week, prompting disgust and redo

Initial results suggest hardcore anime fans are dirty, but maybe they’re just precise?

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Sayonara, smelly salarymen! Japanese company develops self-smell-checking device

Handheld device sniffs pits and other smelly parts, assigns numerical stank ranking.

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Japanese idol event stockpiles free deodorant for fans to use before shaking singers’ hands

Recent request for better idol singer fan hygiene prompts preparation of nearly 50,000 body wipe sheets.

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Japanese idol singer has an important request for fans: Please use deodorant

Smelly handshake event prompts frank discussion and suggested solutions for common problem at idol appearances.

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Over 40 percent of Japanese high school girls say their dads smell bad in survey

Daughters also displeased with messy hair, flabby physiques of fathers.

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Survey reveals disturbing statistics about if Japanese people wash hands after going to bathroom

Young women found to be surprisingly blasé about using soap.

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Top 10 things even Japanese people think they’re too obsessive about

It’s no exaggeration to say that Japan is pretty obsessive when it comes to societal safety and manners. Japanese people often go to ridiculous/disgusting lengths to stay safe and to make sure that visitors are aware of all the unspoken rules that permeate throughout the country.

But sometimes it’s all just too much, even for the native Japanese themselves. So we present to you a list of the top 10 things that even Japanese people think they’re too obsessive over. Are you just as paranoid as they are, or would you be considered a carefree spirit in Japan? Read on to find out!

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Poor bunnies! Chinese news program makes rabbits wear contact lenses to test what we already know

In recent years, contact lenses are used not only as a means of correcting eyesight, but also as a fashion element as colored lenses, also known as circle lenses, gained worldwide popularity for their iris enlarging effects which give the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes.

An article from ETToday suggests that the annual sales of circle lenses in China exceeds one hundred million pieces. Where there is demand, there is supply, but it’s no secret that Chinese manufacturers do not have a good track record where quality and hygiene standards matter. In an attempt to find out if circle lenses are safe for everyday wear, one Chinese news channel put the contact lenses to the test, however not on human subjects but on rabbits, enraging many animal lovers online.

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Japanese deodorant sheets for ladies smell so nice some guys don’t need the actual girl

For the most part, Japan takes personal hygiene pretty seriously. Combing your hair, putting on makeup, and getting dressed in the proper attire are all seen as essential parts of getting ready to go out in public, and dress codes are a much bigger deal than in some countries.

The standard grooming routine runs into one pretty big problem in the summer, though. Since most people in Japan take a bath at night before going to bed, by the time they arrive at work or school the next day, several hours have passed, during which sweat, oil, and odors can build up on the body. To combat this, there’s a wide variety of fragrances and deodorants available in drug stores, with one brand in particular that’s being described as “the ideal scent for women.”

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One for the guys: 3 gross habits to shake before moving in with someone

Relationships are something that have to be worked at rather than simply hoping will go well and complaining about when they’re not everything we dreamed. That honeymoon period where you’re first getting to know your partner and learning one another’s little quirks is fun and exciting alright, but it eventually ends and before you know it you’re having to think about things like whose turn it is to hang out the laundry or clean the sink.

One thing that really puts relationships to the test is whether two people can stomach one another’s little habits and quirks. Sharing your home means letting your partner see you at your most natural, rather than just freshly showered, shaved and looking good for dates. Farting in your sleep, trimming your toenails, popping off to the bathroom for a number two; these things all have to be done and there’s no way of hiding them forever. But there are certain behaviours that we all really ought to get in check before signing a lease on an apartment or agreeing to cohabit, as exhibited by the following three tales from gentlemen (and we use the term loosely) in Japan…

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12 toilet oddities around the world that surprise Japan

Squat toilets aside, Japan’s technological achievements in the restroom are well-known. From seat warmers to washlets and noise-eliminators, Japan is probably the number one place to go number two. But what does the country of the advanced-thinking toilet think of restrooms around the world? Read below to find out!

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Convenience store freezer diver flamed by ice-cream loving Netizens

Sometimes the heat here in Japan really does get too much, but this mystery guy’s cool-down method seems to have backfired. Angry Japanese Netizens are up in arms at the possibility that the selfish iceman may have sullied precious ice-cream with his stinky sweat.

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