Fantastic fluffy Final Fantasy fan furniture.

Japanese convenience stores are awesome pretty much all the time, but right now we’ve got even more reason than usual to stop by branches of Lawson. Currently, the chain is selling Final Fantasy-flavor fried chicken, and not only does it taste delicious, there’s an awesome audible surprise that comes before you take even a single bite, as you can see in our video here.

Sadly, though, the sensations of taste and sound are fleeting, momentary joys. That’s why we were happy to find out that Lawson is also offering a more permanent Final Fantasy treasure with what it calls the Extra-Large Soft and Fluffy Moogle Cushion…and even that name doesn’t do justice to how awesome it is!

Look, we don’t want to tell the Lawson marketing people how to do their job (since they’re clearly doing an awesome one already), but no one in their right mind would call that thing a “cushion.” It’s 190 centimeters (74.8 inches) long and 130 centimeters wide, and you can sleep on it. It’s a bed (though perhaps it’s pointless to debate semantics when “Final” Fantasy is now up to 15 integer-numbered installments).

Actually, you could also make the case that the Moogle Cushion is better described as a sleeping bag, since it’s put together like a large pouch. Tuck yourself into the flap located at the tuft of fur on the character’s chest, and you’ll be even cozier than the people sleeping on official Snorlax or knockoff Totoro beds.

However, unlike the Final Fantasy fried chicken, obtaining the Moogle bed isn’t as simple as walking into Lawson and handing over some cash. Instead, the Moogle bed is being awarded to one lucky winner of a Lawson contest, which is free to enter.

Adventurers wishing to doze atop the Moogle will need to follow Lawson’s official Twitter account (@akiko_lawson) and retweet the above tweet at some time before January 28. As of this moment, that gives you a 1-in-71,545 chance of winning, but considering this is a one-of-a-kind bed, it’s definitely worth a shot.

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