Being a teacher is tough. In a sincere effort to mold young minds, many educators have to endure strict regulations, tight budgets, and the unreasonable demands of monster parents. It’s too much for some to handle, as we can see in the case of Yusei Yoshikawa, the 26-year-old teacher who has recently been racking up an arrest per month for vandalizing and robbing his own school.

According to Aichi Prefectural Police, from the night of the first to the early morning of the second of this month, Yoshikawa allegedly broke into Obuminami Junior High School where he taught. Once inside he scrawled his height, weight, and hobby on the windows. He is also said to have stolen some lights from their fixtures.

This is the second time Yoshikawa was arrested. On 6 June, he was charged with vandalism after reportedly breaking and entering the same school and writing the names of Japan’s National Soccer Team members in permanent ink.

Patrols of the Obuminami Junior High were heightened by that time which led to Yoshikawa’s first arrest. This increased security was due to an incident that occurred on 8 May where all the faucets on the third floor were turned on, flooding the school. Some equipment such as computers were stolen as well. No arrests were made in the incident.

According to Tomo News, Yoshikawa had been on a leave of absence “due to illness” since January of this year.

So let’s all try to go easier on our teachers from now on, you’ll never know when they’ll snap and write famous people’s names on the workplace windows.

Source: Yomiuri via Hachima Kiko, Tomo News (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – Tomo News

A Tomo News report on the previous arrest of Yusei Yoshikawa