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Fans of anime and manga are most certainly acquainted with the ever-popular adventure series, One Piece. Now, the brand that brings us all of our favorite pirate-themed products is teaming up with the water label, FRECIOUS, to deliver some totally cool One Piece water dispensers.

Don’t worry, though the story of One Piece takes place on the ocean, these water coolers deliver only the freshest grade-A water from the forests of Mount Fuji.

FRECIOUS is a high-quality water brand from Mt. Fuji’s Meisui Corporation. The water comes from Mt. Fuji’s natural springs and is collected at an elevation of 1,000 meters (3,280 feet). In order to retain that wonderful, fresh flavor that can only be found in the open air, FRECIOUS water is not distilled but delivered straight from the source in flexible bags.

The all new One Piece water coolers come in three different varieties. There’s the sea chart model, with a cool oceans map printed across the base; the wanted poster model, with pictures the main characters’ faces plastered across it in true pirate fashion; and the Chopper model, with a picture of everyone’s favorite cartoon reindeer, Tony Tony Chopper, failing to hide himself on the front of the machine.

For being based on a young people’s cartoon, these water coolers have a surprisingly sophisticated design, making it a popular fixture in many homes and offices. The versions featuring the characters have taken off in particular. Be sure to check out FRECIOUS’s main website if you’re interested in ordering one for yourself. The water coolers normally run for 2,980 yen (US$30.90) each, but from August 9 to 19, all units will be sold at half price! What a wonderful way for One Piece fans to stay hydrated at the height of the summer.

Reference: FRECIOUS (Japanese)

▼ Have a closer look at these awesome new designs!

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▼ The sea chart design is probably the most mature model.

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▼ It’s hard to miss the mark of the Straw Hat Pirates.

onepiece water03

▼ The whole main pirate crew is featured here on this wanted poster model.

onepiece water04

▼ And at last, the super-popular Chopper model. His cuteness is so endearing. (No pun intended)

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