Luffy’s Gomu-gomu powers have gotten him into quite a few awkwardly shaped situations. Being made of rubber means that you can become pretty malleable when you’re in tight space, but does that make it any more comfortable? Well, Bandai’s latest line of gashapon toys delve into that idea, not just for Luffy, but for several other members of the Straw Hat crew. Presenting, the One Piece Hasamare Straps!



Starting in September, gashapon machines throughout Japan will be carrying these pitiable, and yet somehow adorable, phone straps, each depicting a different member of the Straw Hat crew being squashed and squeezed between two surfaces. Each try will cost you 200 yen (about US $1.97) and there are five different straps in all, including Luffy, Zoro, Chopper, Sogeking, and Nami.


Of course, as great as the straps may be hanging from your phone as is, you can’t get the full experience without something to squish the characters between. While you could easily just place them between a stack of books, the brilliant minds behind these toys have designed a special collectable version of the Franky Shogun Battle Franky complete with giant squeezing hands and posable joints.



The special DX set, which is available the Premium Bandai site, includes this mechanical bully, as well as the Luffy, Chopper, and Sogeking Hasamare Straps. It is available for order online at the price of 3,500 yen (about US $34.48) and provides the set-up for limitless possible ways to play with the slightly flattened Straw Hats.


Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 9.56.05 AM

For more collectable fun with the cast of One Piece, make sure you take a look at the combining Chopper Robo as well as the sadly endearing Negative Strap gashapon line.

[Via: Premium Bandai.]

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