When summertime comes, it’s usually a case of the less clothing the better, and this year’s Asian heat wave has proved to be particularly cruel. It’s common sense to shed layers when working outside in this broiling weather. But I’d say that shedding an entire layer of skin is taking it a step too far!

This month, a very peculiar Twitter picture has been making the rounds. Looking at the label, it would appear that we have a real, live lizard-man on our hands! But be warned, it’s not a pretty sight.

On August 9, this picture was Tweeted with the title, “Full-blown human molting.”


Wait, really? I could have sworn that skin shedding was a thing reserved for snakes and lizards! Have we discovered some rare human mutation here? Is the evolutionary age of super powers finally upon us?!

Chinese Internet users say no. The majority insist that the picture is faked, though I have a hard time believing that it’s gone through any image editing software. If so, the person that pulled it off has some impressive Photoshop skills! Unless the effect was produced using prosthetic skin instead.

The most likely explanation might be that the man in the picture is suffering from a really bad sunburn. If that’s the really the case, then boy do I pity this guy! I’ve never seen such thick layers of skin peel away from even the most deeply damaged blistering variety of sunburn. Just thinking about it makes me shiver.

What do you guys think? Are we looking at a sunburn, a fake, or some real-life mutant molting?

Source: Byoukan SUNDAY (Japanese)
Image: kikus728 via Twitter