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Japanese beauty product manufacturer, Creer Beaute, has just come out with a new line of professional-grade hair wax with the strength to hold your hair nice and stiff, even in the midst of an hours-long death match. Their Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax promises to hold your spiky hair chunks in place throughout even the most rigorous battles and is a real must-have for any fist-fighting, world-saving hero.

Quite often, promoting a product with a cartoon mascot implies that it’s meant for children, but not Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax. This high-quality styling wax was made to withstand a beating far beyond anything found in the dojo. It’s designed for professional performers, athletes, and treasure hunting martial arts masters. Of course, regular people and fans of the Dragon Ball franchise are invited to use the hair wax as well. Just be careful not to go overboard and use too much of the product, considering the hair wax’s holding ability is undoubtedly over 9,000.

The packaging for this professional-grade hair wax is made to look just like the wish granting Dragon Balls, the original series’ namesake. Thankfully, it only takes one ball of hair wax to realize your dream of perfectly styled hair. There’s no need to scour the earth and uncover all seven. Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax comes in three different varieties, allowing users to choose between natural, hard and super hard for just the right balance of sheen and stiffness. Natural is intended for people anticipating just a bit of rough and tumble. Hard is for the fighters who put forth a bit more exertion, and super hard is made for those expecting some advanced-level abuse. The Dragon Ball containers are marked with three, five, or seven stars, respectively, with a higher number of stars indicating an increase in hardness.

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Now, in case the inherent awesomeness of this product isn’t already enough incentive to buy it, Creer Beaute is also running a prize lottery for their customers. There are 1,000 prizes up for grabs, including a large number of figurines, some limited edition DVD box sets of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, and the grand prize of 3-D laser-embossed crystal glass images of the super saiyans.

People hoping to buy this high-powered hair wax can do so online at the Premium Bandai store. Then, be sure to check out Creer Beaute’s product page for more information on how to win one of their many prizes. Don’t miss out! This is your chance to have sturdy hair spikes, just like Goku or Vegeta or any number of anime protagonists!

Source: Fashionsnap (Japanese) via Kotaku
Additional references and image: Creer Beaute, Premium Bandai