Creer Beaute

Sailor Moon and Shiseido team up for beautiful, sparkly Sailor Moon makeup packaging

So you can transform together with Sailor Moon. 

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New Sailor Moon eyeliner gives you magical girl eyes with just a wave of your moon stick

Say, “Moon Prism Power, make up!” for a flawless finish with Moon Romance’s ever-growing line of Sailor Moon beauty products, including their all-new eyeliner collection.

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Achieve a super saiyan style with Dragon Ball Z hair wax

Japanese beauty product manufacturer, Creer Beaute, has just come out with a new line of professional-grade hair wax with the strength to hold your hair nice and stiff, even in the midst of an hours-long death match. Their Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax promises to hold your spiky hair chunks in place throughout even the most rigorous battles and is a real must-have for any fist-fighting, world-saving hero.

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