Feeling blue? Is Monday ruining the week for you? Try a bowlful of snuggly warm kitty, cozily comfortable and soooo cute, in a ridiculously small vessel. It’s good for what ails you.

These cats should feel right at home in an average Tokyo apartment!

▼ Mmmm, I’ve found my happy place and it’s time for a snooze…

▼ At one with nature, the felis catus cleverly camouflages his presence.


▼ I am a cat—I don’t have to vacuum clean, and I can sleep in buckets.cat5

▼ Last night, I got totally jarred.cat6

▼ I asked for a Grey Goose straight up, and this is what I get??cat7

▼ “My mummy always wished for a goldfish.”cat8

▼ Those polystyrene packing chips are so last week.cat9

These images can be found on Nekowan, a lovely Japanese website devoted to cats and dogs. Nawww, it’s cats like these that make the internet go round.

Feeling better now? If you still need a little more cuteness, check out this babe of a kitty.

Images: Nekowan