Have you ever wanted to start dancing like a madman in the middle of a crowded urban street, but felt restrained by the conventions of society? Our reporter Mr. Sato sure has. So when he learnt about the Halls throat lozenges’ YOUareLIQUIDMAN campaign, he got right on it.

YOUareLIQUIDMAN encourages sheepish individuals to upload a photo of themselves to the Halls website. Their photo is then displayed on liquid man who proceeds to dance like Michael Stipe in front of total strangers.

In case the idea of uploading a photo to project onto the face a man in a tight-fitting outfit with a glass cube for a head is a little difficult to comprehend (and you’d be quite forgiven for being confused there), here’s Halls’ official intro video.

On 10 October Mr. Sato found that Liquidman was coming to Shibuya, Tokyo for some dancing fun. Excitedly, he took a quick selfie and submitted it to Halls’ website. He then grabbed his jacket and ran down to Shibuya to look for Liquidman himself, a spandex-clad figure with a giant Halls liquid-centre lozenge for a head.

Amid the throngs of people Liquidman was surprisingly easy to find. He was already dancing atop a pedestrian bridge with a bunch of girls. Mr. Sato hurried up to the bridge and tapped Liquidman on the shoulder. Liquidman turned around and…

“Awesome!” thought Mr. Sato looking himself in the face through the murky crystal ball of Liquidman. He was amazed that it actually worked and that he was able to see it first-hand. However, as Liquidman turned back to the group of dancing girls Mr. Sato’s grin slowly faded away.

“The f@#$er!” thought Mr. Sato. Liquidman was getting women using his face. Mr. Sato wanted to say “Thank you Liquidman, but the real Mr. Sato can take it from here,” in his best James Bond impression. Alas he couldn’t bring himself to and just hung back feeling a little dejected.

Liquidman then proceeded to dance down the stairs to the main street. A large group began to congregate around the pseudo-Mr. Sato smiling and taking photos. Watching the tireless dancer go wild, another sadness began to wash over Mr. Sato.

It had been weeks since Mr. Sato made the national news with Ken Watanabe and he was jonesing to make a spectacle of himself. However, doing the electric slide in the heart of Shibuya wasn’t in Mr. Sato’s wheelhouse. This was Liquidman’s moment to shine. “Much respect, Liquidman. Indeed, you are all that and a bag of chips.” he murmured and walked off.

If you happen to be reading this before 8:00 pm on 17 October (UTC+9) then you might just catch Liquidman’s next appearance in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Hurry on down and try to find him, but don’t forget to upload your photo to Halls first. However, if you just changed into your PJ’s then you can always just watch the action streaming live on the Halls website.

Original Article by Mr. Sato, courtesy of Mondelēz Japan Limited

▼ The rest of the RocketNews24 team watched Liquidman Sato get women live via Ustream.

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