The limited-edition “spring omotenashi” is perfect for hanami picnics.

For the past three years, Coca-Cola Japan has been heralding in the spring sakura season with a series of beautiful limited-edition cherry blossom design bottles.

We’re pleased to announce that this year is no different, and as the global drinks giant unveiled their new vision for this year’s spring vibe today, let’s take a quick look back to see how it compares with the company’s previous sakura creations.

▼ Back in 2017, their first release featured a small cluster of pink blooms on a plain white background.

In 2018, they amped up the design with much larger blossoms and a pale pink background.

▼ Then, in 2019, they gave us small blooms against a darker, pinky purple hue.

Now, for 2020, they’ve lightened the overall colour of the bottle slightly and placed the focus on a blossom-filled sakura branch, displaying falling petals and flowers in different stages of bloom.

▼ The promotional image for the new slim design bottle comes with the words “Haru no Omotenashi“, which translates to “Spring Hospitality“.

The new design brings us much closer to the cherry blossoms to remind us of their beauty and their fleeting existence over a short period each spring. The buds evoke a sense of anticipation for the new season, while the flowers in full bloom fill us with happiness, and the petals flying on the wind recall the sakura flurries and carpets of pink seen at the end of the season.

The new bottle looks set to be a best-seller, so if you see one during your travels be sure to stop and admire it in person before they all sell out and disappear like the sakura do year after year.

The new bottle retails for 125 yen (US$1.14) and will be available at tourist sites and stores around Japan from 20 January, which gives us plenty of time to stock up before the predicted early arrival of the sakura this year.

Source: Coca-Cola Japan
Featured image: Coca-Cola Japan
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