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Oh boy, look at that thing. Just, wow. What is even happening here? There are so many colors, and this Escher-esque perspective trick where you’re looking down at the sushi conveyor belt but seeing the customers head-on all at the same time…

As the title of this bizarro infographic suggests, this is ostensibly a guide to using a kaiten conveyor belt sushi establishment. We’re actually very appreciative someone took the effort to make this since it’s pretty easy to accidentally commit a crime if you don’t follow the kaiten sushi rules perfectly.

Unfortunately, trying to decipher the thing from start to finish carries a real risk of causing a serious migraine or making you go insane (those star people…), so we’ve broken it up into screenshots for you with brief explanations of what you really need to know:

▼ Don’t look into their eyes for too long.

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The first half of the infographic covers most of your basic dos and don’ts:

Don’t take sushi directly from the plate or return your empty plates to the belt – this is technically stealing.

The hot green tea and pickled ginger are complimentary.

There are hot water spouts that, uh, spout hot water. It’s good to identify these because they’re kind of nondescript and curious kids or adults with button fetishes might press the round, black plunger located beneath the spout and douse their hand in scalding hot water.

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The second half of the infographic is filled with a lot of fairly unnecessary information, including instructions reminding you to eat and pay your check. While we commend the graphic’s thoroughness, we pity you if you have a habit of ordering food and then just leaving it there while you go take care of something else.

It also points out that fruit and dessert are available, which is kind of unnecessary because they literally pass before your very eyes on the conveyor belt.

Finally, it helpfully points out that the sushi chef himself does not spin around constantly – a little Japanese humor for you.

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We really do appreciate the designer’s efforts to provide this helpful guide to foreign visitors free of charge, despite the eye-searing color palette and freaky star-eyed South Park-esque figures. If you’d like to print it out as a handy carry-along guide for your trip to Japan (we recommend in black and white), click the link here to go directly to the source, or save the below image.

Safe travels and remember to actually eat the food you order.


Source: TripAdvisor