Miss going out to eat? Bring the fun home with the help of some takeout and toy trains.

In this world of social distancing, many of us are missing life’s basic joys, such as watching movies at the movie theater or shopping at the mall. While some of us are adapting better to the times than others, plenty of people have found ways to keep themselves entertained at home while bringing an element of normalcy back into their lives.

Take going out to eat, for instance. Twitter user @Itami9018F shared a video of his ingenious plan to devise his very own conveyor belt sushi (kaiten-zushi) shop from the comforts of home using some electric toy trains. Fashioning a circular track around two trays of takeout sushi, he fixed plates to the freight cars and loaded the sushi on top. What a fun and imaginative way to replicate the excitement of a real kaiten-zushi restaurant!

“We started up a kiddy conveyor belt sushi bar at home.”

The specific brand of toy train he used was Plarail (with Disney’s Western River Railroad locomotive doing the hard work), but presumably any electric model should work. He also offered a glimpse of the underside of the plate-bearing freight cars in a follow-up tweet:

“The structure of the freight car is like this. Please use it as reference.”

Net users reacted excitedly to the do-it-yourself idea and drew from the inspiration:

“What a fun idea to do with the whole family.”
“Thank you, we just tried this on Children’s Day.”
“I want to build a model using shinkansen cars for super-sushi!”
“So, uh, do you still pretend to pay based on the color of the plates?”
“Here’s an idea: place saran wrap on the plates so that it’s easy to pick up the sushi without moving the dishes.”

One commenter even shared a video of his own creation:

“I was inspired to make my own version. It was quite massive so I used two locomotives. You can take the plates directly from the freight cars.”

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Source: Twitter/@Itami9018F via Japaaan
Featured image: Pakutaso
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