Most of us go through life trying to avoid violence and confrontations, but sometimes for whatever reason the tension gets to be too much and fists start flying. Even those within eyeshot of a fight can’t help but watch the raw emotion expressed in acts of physical rage.

Thanks to the advent of phone cameras and the internet the truly surprising fights from around the world can now be witnesses from the comfort of our own homes. With that, we humbly share the video titled “Glorious fight on Shanghai Metro Line 2”, which features two men who should really know better going at it like a pair of angry idiots.

“Glorious” might be a bit of an overstatement. I’d have to see some type of a jumping kick or at least a throw to call a fight that. However, quite a few blows get traded in this short fight and neither combatant goes down even on a moving train.

The fighting starts when the guy in the grey shirt seemingly sucker-punches the man in the blue sweater. It doesn’t take long for the bigger man in the blue to get up and start throwing some well-placed punches.

From there the guy in grey can’t seem to do much offensively but manages to move around quite well considering the tight quarters. Actually it’s pretty impressive how they manage to avoid the other passengers fairly well during the whole scuffle.

Before long, a man ironically wearing a white shirt and black pants separated the two fighters and made them go back to their seats like a pair of boxers returning to their corners. The man in blue appears to graciously offer the man in grey a seat next to him. He must have said something the wrong way, however, as the grey guy again takes a cheap shot hitting him with a right cross.

Viewer comments seemed to agree that the man in the grey shirt was “kind of a dick” and the blue guy was the better fighter. However, in the end we’re all left hanging as the video stops before the fight does, nor do we get any clues as to why this all happened in the first place.

We can only assume that they couldn’t agree on whether to go for pizza or burgers and hadn’t heard of Megaburgerpizza yet.

Source: YouTube – BeijingCream
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