Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 6.30.42 AMA representative for Nissan announced the company will release a new hybrid version of their Skyline in Japan. This marks the first design change for the coveted sports sedan since 2006. We’re hoping this new version will be able to be imported to the US…

The Skyline HV system will feature a 3,500cc engine and electric motor, providing the hybrid with a considerable amount of pep. It’s also fuel efficient with a fuel economy of 18.4 km/liter (43 miles/gallon).

In an even larger step towards futuristic cars, the new Skyline will include Nissan’s Steer-by-Wire system, eliminating the mechanical connection between the steering wheel and tires altogether. The system is similar to the ones used in airplanes and allows for smooth steering regardless of road conditions.

The redesigned Skyline will be sold under the Infiniti brand, marking the first appearance of the luxury vehicle division in Japan. The new Inifiti Skyline will be priced at 4.49 million to 5.53 million yen (US$45,200 – $55,700) and is scheduled to go on sale in February of next year. A reported 200 vehicles will be sold per month, adding even more demand to this already highly sought-after luxury sports car.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News
Images: Wikipedia (1, 2)