sailormoon top setup

Remember when you had a favorite TV/comic/game/storybook character you couldn’t live without, and you just had to have some toy or other connected with it close to you at all times? Well, if you’re a fan of Sailor Moon, you’ll be delighted to hear that toy manufacturer Bandai has just announced a line of products that may just let you relive some of that giddy excitement. And while these products may have the sparkly appearance of a toy, they also have a very practical use too, as you’ve probably been able to guess from the picture. Yes, folks, get ready to enjoy some Moon Prism magic — at your dining table!

sailormoon three sets

That’s right, Bandai will be selling beautifully crafted Sailor Moon chopsticks, and they’ve just started taking pre-orders. The “Sailor Moon Deluxe My-chopsticks Collection”, as the product line has been named, consists of chopsticks decorated in the shape of the magical items from the anime series — that source of enchantment which has captivated the hearts of many a viewer over the years. And as you’ll see, the items have been recreated in quite intricate detail.

sailormoon three close-up

You can choose from three types of chopsticks: the “Moon Stick” from the original Sailor Moon series, the “Cutie Moon Rod” from the Sailor Moon R series and the “Pink Moon Stick” used by Chibi Moon in the Sailor Moon S series.

▼ The three Sailor Moon chopsticks in their sparkly splendor

sailormoon three pairs together

▼ The Moon Stick Chopstick

sailormoon moonstick close-up

▼ The Cutie Moon Rod Chopstick

sailormoon cutie close-up

▼ The Pink Moon Stick Chopstick

sailormoon pink close-up

The chopsticks are available for pre-order on Bandai’s on-line shopping site at 1,575yen (US$15) a pair, but according to the information on the site, you’ll apparently have to wait until March of next year for delivery. Well, as long as you don’t mind a bit of a wait, this could be the perfect fun item for you if you want to experience a little magic during your meal time. But beware, if you don’t enjoy your food with good manners while eating with these chopsticks, you just might end up being “punished in the name of the moon!”

Source: Premium Bandai (Japanese) via Narinari (Japanese)
Photos: Premium Bandai