Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 10.25.33 AMIf you visit a shrine in Japan, you’re sure to find a small shack somewhere on the shrine grounds selling Omamori, special amulets for good luck or protection. These small pieces of colored cloth come in many different designs and serve various purposes. Some are meant to protect the holder while traveling, others give good luck to those taking a test. They are almost always brightly colored and are works of art in themselves. Inspired by the beauty of Omamori, one design team from Japan has created beautiful pouches and notepads that are sure to impress.

Omamori Pouch5

These colorful pouches are called, “Omamori Pokke” and were designed by members from Tokyo Zokei University and Hikari Orimono Ltd. and produced under the Kichijitsu brand. The Omamori you buy at shrines are usually small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but the Omamori Pokke are large enough to hold your phone, camera, or makeup. The interior of these almost entirely handmade pouches features neon pink felt.

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The Kichijitsu brand also produces another product called, “GOSHUIN notepad,” which features images of Mt. Fuji, cranes and cherry blossoms.

Omamori Pouch

Traditionally, goshuin are seal stamps given to the visitors of Shinto shrines in Japan. You can see a few examples in the open notebook below. Although inspired by the practice of collecting goshuin at shrines, the beautiful Kichijitsu notepads can be used for anything you want.

Omamori Pouch3

Both the pouch and notepad exude Japanese elegance and either would be a lovely addition to your accessories. The notepad is sold for 2,100 yen (US$21.16) and the pouch is sold for 3,500 yen ($35.27). Both are available for sale at museum gift shops in Japan’s major cities and the Omamori pouch is also sold at online retailer Japan Store.

Images: Kichijitsu
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