Meet Roger. That’s not this cat’s real name, but we don’t know his real name. Still, you know, he just looks like a Roger, doesn’t he?

Anyway, Roger is thirsty. He’d like some water. And, hey! There’s some delicious, chilled water running right in front of him! Let’s how he does taking a sip…


Aw, poor Roger! Maybe better luck next time!

This amazing photo series was brought to us by Twitter, where the tweet has earned almost 6,600 retweets and nearly 5,500 favorites.

▼”The cat who tried to drink some water and failed.”


Now, you may be tempted to laugh at our poor feline friend, but we’ll have you know that Roger is hardly the only one to have trouble getting water from the faucet to his mouth! Just look at this befuddled kitty…



In fact, it seems that cats are simply incapable of drinking from a faucet. It’s basically the feline equivalent of performing rocket surgery science, we suppose.

▼Though we must admire their determination. This poor cat is utterly soaked!

Of course, just like how some of us are nuclear missile surgeons, some kitties have mastered the art of faucet drinking.

▼Dr. Dribbles earns his PhD in advanced water drinking.


And then there are some kitties who are happy to just be the water…


And now we’re parched. Too bad no one’s trained cats to bring us water!

Hmmm…maybe Dr. Dribbles has a solution?

Images: Alfalfalfa, OneTopi, Chomatome, YouTube, Twitter