Remember the irresistibly jiggly-looking water cake we reported on two years ago? Well, someone just got creative and made a totally adorable version of it!

Kinseiken’s mizu Shingen mochi, which the confectioner has released during the summer season for the past several years, has attracted considerable attention not just for its delicate consistency that melts away in just 30 minutes, but also for its unique, transparent appearance that literally makes it look like a huge drop of water held together by magic.

Now, an original version of the water cake created by Twitter user @mithiruka is enchanting Internet users across Japan, and once you see the pictures of the actual cake, it’s easy to see why.

▼ Yes, it’s a beautiful, clear water cake in the shape of a sleeping cat!

@mithiruka apparently made this cat water cake from scratch using  a recipe for water cake posted on the popular Japanese cooking site Cookpad and a silicon mold bought from a MUJI store.

▼ The transparent jelly-like cake looks amazing, almost like a piece of Baccarat crystal!


▼ While the shape of the cake itself is quite simple, you can see how artfully the form of a curled-up cat has been recreated.


The cake is made from water and agar, and while it may not be the exact same recipe as the mizu Shingen mochi offered by Kinseiken, it certainly looks pretty close. @mithiruka apparently even ate the cake with kinako powder and brown sugar syrup, like you would with the orthodox mizu Shingen mochi.

▼ And if you think the cat water cake is impressive, @mithiruka has also created this gorgeous rose version as well. Check out the jiggly action!

We have to say, we’re seriously impressed with these original water cakes, and judging from the response on Twitter, we’re not the only ones who feel this way, as the tweet showing the cat cake has already been retweeted over 18,000 times. We certainly hope @mithiruka has more beautiful edible creations to share with us in the future!

Source, images: Twitter/@mithiruka