Even superheroes need a break from saving the world once in a while. This awesome ride may be made by a Batman fan, but if the creators at DC Comics ever drew the Dark Knight partaking in some sort of recreation on his day off, golf does seem like the perfect hobby for Bruce Wayne.

But just look at the quality and detail in this fan-made cart! No wonder it caught the attention of so many Japanese netizens this past weekend.

This Batbuggy was created from an EZ-go golf cart, which normally looks like this…


Stripping the buggy down to its frame, the creative craftsmen then rebuilt the silhouette of the four-wheeler with sheet metal and some hardcore handicraft.

$_3 (2)

$_3 (1)

▼Those are some serious suspension springs right there!$_3

▼ Finish it off with a coat of black paint and… tada!$_57 (1)

$_57 (2)

▼ It’s stylish on the inside too!$_57 (3)

▼ It doesn’t even look any less intimidating than its big brother parked over there.$_57 (4)

The Batmobile-for-golf comes equipped with four cup holders (superheroes get thirsty too), an iPad stand (what is Batman without his gadgets, right?), adjustable leather seats and a Batman logo on a sports steering column, among other cool customized stuff. The vehicle is said to have cost its creators $30,000 in production, but was put up for sale on ebay for a mere $17,500 because the car crafters had to give it up to make space for their newer projects.

We wonder who’s the demi-superhero who owns this stunning golf cart now. If you ever spot it on the greens, put on the RN24-signal searchlight so that we can zoom in for a scoop!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Ebay, Stygler Powersports