Starbucks Japan’s Christmas customisation is the festive treat you need to try these holidays

A very cute way to add a dash of Christmas flavour to your Frappuccino.

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Our Starbucks “Nothingness” Frappuccino proves you can’t customise out flavour in Japan

When customisations go to the extreme end of the menu it can turn up some unexpected surprises.

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Pokémon Shirts releases two styles of customizable aprons with all 151 Kanto Pokémon designs

New aprons are here for completing your home cooking, gardening, and other household chores in perfect Poké-style.

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Tech geek heaven: Japan’s first do-it-yourself keyboard specialist shop opens in Akihabara

Design a truly unique keyboard just for you.

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Which sex do Japanese gamers pick for their video game characters? The results may surprise you

In the fight between skirts vs. vests, who reigns supreme?

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If Batman played golf, this would be his ride

Even superheroes need a break from saving the world once in a while. This awesome ride may be made by a Batman fan, but if the creators at DC Comics ever drew the Dark Knight partaking in some sort of recreation on his day off, golf does seem like the perfect hobby for Bruce Wayne.

But just look at the quality and detail in this fan-made cart! No wonder it caught the attention of so many Japanese netizens this past weekend.

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Starbucks Order Customization- Is There a Limit?

Starbucks prides itself on letting customers customize their drinks and offers a lot of choices: no foam, no whip/with whip, double blended, two pump vanilla, extra shot and extra hot to name but a few. Never one to shy from a challenge, we decided to test just how far Starbucks was willing go in ensuring that visitors to its coffeehouses get just what they want.

Our request? A no caramel, no whip, and–are you ready for it–no coffee Caramel Frappuccino.

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