Naver Corporation’s Line has been steadily becoming a juggernaut of smartphone apps in recent months. Starting out as a mild-mannered free text and voice chatting application, it has since expanded into a drawing app, games, and even a recently launched Q&A service.

Now, the company’s free camera app has hit the scene and is causing a bit of a stir for its rumored ability to enhance anyone’s beauty. Our Japanese writer GO, who’s always looking for ways to improve his already stunning features, took it out for a spin.

At first the Line Camera app download sites made no mention of the “beauty” feature, but it has since been added after becoming the main attraction on the internet. Using “beauty” you can not only enlarge your eyes, but you can slim down your nose, shave a little off the jaw, wipe away acne and dark circles under your eyes and even make your chest fuller. Our man GO decided to get the works and ended up looking like a whole new…man?

These features may seem aimed at women. In fact, the “volume” feature button shows an image of breasts. However, with just a little creative use of the standard features you can give yourself what would otherwise take years of training. First, it’s time to get into our fundoshi.

From there just use the “volume” function on your arms, legs and chest, and behold!

Not only does GO now look ultra buff, but his sexiness appears to be ripping through the very fabric of space and time.

We’ll leave you with one final feature of Line Camera that we just discovered. It’s the option to turn yourself into one of those alien looking girls that were big in China while back. We’re sure you’ll agree our reporter looks awfully pretty this way…

Source: Line Camera: iPhone, Android
Original report by Hattori GO
Photos: RocketNews24

▼ Time to start looking beautiful!

First, give the eyes a little widening.

Then clean up the face a lot… there!

Alright, now for the body.

First we enhance his breasts in a manly way.

You adjust the size by tapping the scree… whoops!

Just add “volume” to the muscles you like.

There. The body is done, but now the face needs a little work again.

All done!

Doing the face can be fun…

But the whole package gets the best results.

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