In our modern world of contact lenses and laser eye surgery, no one really needs to wear glasses. Nevertheless, there are some people who choose to do so, as well as another set of not entirely overlapping glasses fans who simply feel the object of their affection looks all the cuter with a set of corrective lenses.

Now, a new glasses stand from anime merchandise producer Funny Trick lets you instantly transform your favorite characters, even those with 20-20 vision, into bespectacled beauties.

If Funny Trick’s glasses stand looks more like a picture frame than a place to lay your specs, it’s because that’s essentially what it is. The stand, shaped like an upside-down letter T, comes packaged with a doodle of what appears to be a seal, or perhaps a very old, slightly confused man.

GS 1

Place your glasses on the stand, close the earpieces around it, and presto, you’ve got a bespectacled face staring back at you.

GS 3

GS 2

Of course, the minimalist doodle is just a place holder until you can find a suitably-sized and angled picture of your favorite anime character to slip inside the frame instead.

GS 5

While the effect would be odd with pictures of characters who are already wearing glasses, the design seems to be remarkably effective otherwise.

Due to overwhelming demand for the 1,995 yen (US $19.95) stand, Funny Trick asks customers to be patient in waiting for delivery, but is still currently accepting orders through Amazon here.

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Top image: Twitter
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