Oh, baby, Babeer is here!

Japan is a country that likes to have snacks with its beer, and generally of the salty variety. So a lot of times when someone cracks open a cold one, they’ll also tear open a bag of Baby Star.

First on sale in 1959, Baby Star are seasoned sticks of dry ramen noodle, delivering a savory, salty, satisfying crunch. It’s the kind of flavor that goes well with just about any beer, but for those who want to achieve the zenith of beer/snack synergy, there’s now a brew specifically created to pair well with the dry ramen.

We can thank Hokkaido regional brewer Abashiri Beer for this necessary step in the evolution of alcoholic beverages. Abashiri calls the optimized-for-Baby Star brew Babeer, and says that its refreshingly aromatic hops and roasted malt flavor are ready and waiting to blend blissfully with the chicken and soy ramen broth sensations of Baby Star.

▼ Babeer’s color is much more normal than the last Abashiri beer we tried.

Beer designed to go well with ramen flavors sounds like a can’t-miss idea, but Abashiri Beer is being surprisingly cautious by doing a limited run of only 500 bottles of Babeer. They’ll be going on sale August 10 through the company’s online store, and also offered for sale at the Baby Star Land specialty shop in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, about an hour south of Tokyo. Babeer will be priced at 550 yen (US$4.15), so it’ll leave you with enough left over to add a bag or two of Baby Star to munch on as-is, or to sprinkle on some ice cream or use as fried chicken breading, if you’re a true scholar of Baby Star innovation.

Source: PR Times via Japaaan
Images: PR Times
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