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The word “frisk” usually means “to pass the hands over someone in search for hidden weapons, drugs, or other items,” and don’t even get us started on the meaning of “frisky.” But in Japan, the naughty English word refers to something a little different: breath mints.

Frisk mints are commonly found in convenience stores and supermarkets across Japan. Although originally created in Belgium, the tiny yet powerful mints burst onto the fresh breath scene in Japan in 1992 and have since dominated the market. But now the brand is getting a little frisky with gum, arguably the cousin of breath mints. Oh my!

In an official press release, Kracie, the producers of Frisk in Japan, announced the new gum. The product is said to have a hard xylitol shell with a “liquid mint” center and is promised to deliver the same intense freshness as their popular line of mints. Although there is a lot of excitement surrounding Frisk gum, it’s technically not a new product. Frisk unveiled a line of gum back in 2002 with a clever ad campaign to go with it:

Frisk Gum

However, unlike the original version, the new Frisk gum comes in a convenient cobalt blue case that is easily opened with one hand. The case also includes a place to put your wrapper while you chew away, ensuring you’ll never have to resort to smearing your used gum on the bottom of a desk. Of course we’ve never done anything so barbaric…we just saw it in a movie once (please don’t look at the underside of our workstation!).

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Frisk gum will go on sale on February 17 for 380 yen (US$3.71). You might think that’s a little pricey for something you can’t even eat, but with a name like “Frisk” it’s gotta be good. Am I right, fellas? Wink.

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