From now until 31 March you can get your hands on a Kuro Neko No Te (Black Cat Paw) pastry at a bakery in the Hotel New Hankyu Osaka. This is the second installation of the Neko No Te (Cat Paw) series of delectable pastries that started last year to celebrate the hotel’s 50th anniversary.

The original Neko No Te is a cream sandwich pastry consisting of brown rice cream between two paw shaped cakes made with dacquoise dough. The result is a wheaty snack with a light and fluffy texture on par with its light and fluffy appearance.


The Kuro Neko No Te takes that winning formula and infuses it with chocolate in both the dacquoise and cream elements of the sandwich. They even flip around the little paw prints of the cake from the original chocolate to some white chocolate. However, it still has that playfully soft texture of its predecessor with an ever so flaky outer coating.

Kuro Neko No Te are on sale for the Valentine’s Day and White Day seasons at Blue Jean, a cafe/bakery found on the first floor basement of the Hotel New Hankyu Osaka where they sell for 230 yen (US$2.25) each. Their pastry chefs have gone to great lengths in recreating the look and feel of an actual cat paw, but you’ll have to get one to see if it’ll unlock an iPhone like an actual cat paw too.

Source: Hotel New Hankyu Osaka via NariNari (Japanese)
Inset Image: PR Times