Sakura-flavoured cherry blossom cronuts on sale at Dominique Ansel Bakery for one month only

The creator of the world-famous cronut celebrates spring with a delicious sakura-topped cherry blossom edition.

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Smash & Eat: We try a playful Korean sweet you have to hit with a hammer to enjoy

They say girls love sweets because the endorphins released when eating them help to get rid of bad moods and make everything better. But if we’re being honest, most people of any gender want their foul moods to be whisked away by the delightful taste of sugary sweets! However, sometimes your problems can’t be solved with just cakes and ice cream and you still have so much pent-up frustration that can only be released by DESTROYING something. If you run into this kind of situation, we have the perfect solution for you: a popular sweet from Korea that must first be smashed with a hammer before you can enjoy it.

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All the awesome cuteness of a cat’s paw harnessed in one pastry, on sale now in Osaka

From now until 31 March you can get your hands on a Kuro Neko No Te (Black Cat Paw) pastry at a bakery in the Hotel New Hankyu Osaka. This is the second installation of the Neko No Te (Cat Paw) series of delectable pastries that started last year to celebrate the hotel’s 50th anniversary.

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All’s right with the world when you’re wrapped up in a giant pastry

From Kraso, online Japanese retailer of quirky home goods, comes the Fluffy Big Bread Cushion Party collection that promises to “wrap you up in a dreamy state of mind.” The collection consists of four different styles of overstuffed furniture food that you can cuddle up with. Because sometimes you just don’t want to deal with the world. And sometimes, the best way to do that is to turn into a delicious baked good.

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