Our balding reporter tries to fix his male pattern baldness with medications and topical sprays

And here’s a half-year report of how his hair is doing!

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Japanese Twitter user offers explanation for why Japan’s coronavirus outbreak has been so small

Despite not being on lockdown, why has Japan been able to keep coronavirus infection and fatality numbers so low?

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Maker warns people not to drink Arabic Yamato glue to cure cancer

That’s just solid advice right there.

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Japanese doctor’s amazingly simple way to keep kids from crying before and after they get a shot

Skipping the white lies and asking a single question is a better way to deal with tiny patients’ great big fears.

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Free treatment for Kyoto Animation arson burn victims offered by Japan’s leading cosmetic surgeon

Doctor offered similar philanthropy following previous national disaster.

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Shockingly dirty restroom in Tokyo train station has no poo, plenty of mysterious garbage

Neatly sorted litter is all from one specific thing.

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Nasal spray that could alleviate symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder now in clinical trials

The spray, which has been studied for more than five years, is now being tested on men, women, and children. 

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This ad for Ueno Clinic makes no sense… until you realize what the clinic specializes in【Video】

Whoever conceived this commercial deserves some kind of award.

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Japanese researchers create chickens that lay eggs containing valuable medicine

Forget golden eggs, the ones these hens lay are worth more than their weight in gold.

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Japan’s newest cute mascot character’s mission is to go up your butthole

Japanese designers have come up with some creative ways to stretch the boundaries of cuteness, but Kan-chan has wrecked ‘em all.

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W.T.F. Japan: Top 5 craziest things about the Japanese medical system【Weird Top Five】

“Wait, you want to put that thing where?!”

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Great news: New study shows beer may help curb Alzheimer’s

If you’re looking to stave off dementia, it’s Miller time!

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Japanese medical school textbook surprises with questions on patient-doctor romance

Because atherosclerosis isn’t the only matter of the heart medical professionals should be concerned with.

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Eyedrops are kawaii! Medicine company creates anime of eyedrop ingredients as cute girls【Video】

“We are EYEDROPS! Sworn to protect planet Eye!”

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Warning: The story we are about to tell may not be suitable for the weak-stomached, but if you or someone you know is considering this type of procedure it would be wise to know the risks involved.

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New dietary supplement from Japan will make your farts smell “like a flower garden”【Video】

Because when your ad contains the line “It’s like cherry blossom comes out of your ass hole!” you know it’s going to be a game-changer. 

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A Japanese doctor’s 10 tips for proper medical care

With the world’s knowledge quite literally at our fingertips, the sheer amount of information available to us can be overwhelming. With the ability to look up anything from recipes to diagnostics and treatments for diseases at the touch of a button, how are we to know what to believe?

A doctor’s office in Japan has posted a list of 10 tips to help patients weed through all the falsities in order to make the best decisions about their medical care.

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Osaka doctor wins Ig Nobel Prize for discovering kisses can reduce allergic reactions

Japan has had a pretty good track record with the annual Ig Nobel Prize. Scientists from all over the country have been awarded for nine years straight for their contributions to wacky and humorous research. Last year, Professor Kiyoshi Mabuchi recieved the Ig Nobel Prize in Physics for determining exactly how slippery a banana peel on the floor is.

Now, Dr. Hajime Kimata of the Osaka Prefecture Neyagawa Allergy Clinic has been given the Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine. However, rather than investigating a silly topic, Dr. Kimata’s findings were actually rather sweet: Kissing can reduce a person’s allergic reactions.

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Want to work at Kurashiki Central Hospital? Better learn to fold a tiny paper crane!

Becoming a doctor isn’t easy. We doubt there’s anyone who would disagree with that, and we get the feeling that everyone likes it that way. You probably prefer your medical professionals be overqualified to underqualified — delivering babies is a bit more complicated than delivering pizzas, right?

So, it’s only natural that doctors have to take a buttload of tests (that’s a metric buttload, of course), both practical and written. But one hospital in Japan that’s looking to hire some doctors from upcoming graduating classes has gotten creative with their practical tests. One step even includes folding a five-millimeter (0.19685-inche) origami crane.

At least Ant-Man will know who to call when he needs a tiny glider…

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Things you won’t believe Chinese tourists are buying in Japan: drugstore edition

Often when you visit another country, one thing on everyone’s to-do list is a little shopping. It’s always interesting to see what products a foreign country offers that you can’t find back home. It’s also weird and fun to see the products you are familiar with presented in a different way.

One of the main reasons Chinese tourists visit Japan is to shop. It’s not uncommon to see a Chinese visitor enter a store and drop the equivalent of hundreds of U.S. dollars – usually in cash – on seemingly everyday products like clothes or electronics, but in some cases store shelves are picked completely clean.

But what’s on these tourists’ shopping lists? Here are 11 “godly” pharmacy products that Chinese visitors simply have to buy when they visit Japan.

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