Chocolate teeth

It’s Valentine’s Day in Japan, and as the tradition goes, women and young ladies across the country have been busy preparing homemade chocolates to give out to male friends, colleagues, and that special someone. But we’re not quite sure the recipients of these grotesquely accurate chocolate teeth will be too thrilled. Uh…do you eat it one tooth at a time?

The photo was posted by Twitter user, Matsumoto, and came with the following explanation: “It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow so I made some chocolate!!!!! I’m attending dentistry school so it’s denture chocolate!!!!! Both the upper and lower jaw!!!!! My folks don’t really like it!!!!! I’m bringing it to school tomorrow so everyone eat up!!!!!”

Barf factor aside, this is a really impressive chocolate creation. Looking closely at the dental impressions, each groove in Matsumoto’s soft palate is clearly defined and every little crater and bump in her molars is completely visible…wait, is that a cavity on the left side???

▼ Who gets to eat the cavity tooth?Chocolate teeth

Ewwwww!!!! Sorry, excuse us…we need a second to compose ourselves…..Ok, all set.

In Japan, girls are traditionally supposed to give chocolate out to male friends and colleagues on Valentine’s Day, but according to recent polls, many guys in Japan say they prefer to not receive anything. We have a feeling Matsumoto and her freaky edible teeth concoction is just one example of why men don’t want anything to do with homemade chocolate.

So be sure to think about these pearly whites while you’re eating your Valentine’s Day treats! Too grossed out? Aww, come on, give us a smile!

Chocolate teeth

Source: Hachima Kikou
Image: Twitter (matsumtoooo)