Gifting a Valentine’s Day PlayStation 5 instead of chocolates in the classroom after school might not go so smoothly.

The custom in Japan is for girls to give gifts to guys on Valentine’s Day. The standard present is chocolate, but non-edible items are also among the gift-giving options, especially for more serious expressions of love.

So this year Sony had a non-chocolate suggestion, which it shared in the tweet below.

“I’m really serious about you. Will these feelings be conveyed to you?” the tweet’s text asks, accompanying the photo of a schoolgirl approaching her crush while he’s alone in the classroom after school. The ribbon-wrapped present she’s holding behind her back, though, isn’t a box of homemade chocolates, but something just as likely to elicit a shout of “Sweet!” from the boy: a PlayStation 5.

As in many parts of the world, Sony’s newest video game console has been hard to find at stores in Japan, even more than two years after its launch. So the idea of simultaneously being the recipient of both a declaration of love and a PS5 is a Valentine’s scenario many Twitter commenters would love to find themselves in.

“This would make me so stupidly happy.”
“I’d be totally psyched.”
“Shows a deep understanding of men’s hearts.”
“’Will…will you play Elden Ring with me?’”
“I think I’d marry her on the spot.”

Others, though, spotted a few flaws with trying to couple your love confession to a PS5 present, such as how the console has a well-deserved reputation for being big and bulky.

“The PS5 weighs either 3.9 or 4.5 kilograms [8.6 or 9.9 pounds, depending on exact model]. That’s heavier than a 24-inch gaming monitor, so that girl in the photo has got to really be feeling the weight.”
“I can already see the system getting dropped to the floor when she tries to bring it around from behind her back.”
“It’s a super weighty gift, in both meanings of the word.”
“It would’ve been better to leave it in the box.”
“Just the console, no power cable to plug it in?”
“No controller. That’s brutal.”

Others expressed concern about what was going to happen on White Day (March 14), when guys are expected to give return gifts to the girls who gave them Valentine’s Day presents. Traditionally, White Day presents are supposed to be at least as expensive as the ones received for Valentine’s, and since PS5s aren’t cheap, that boy has a pricey shopping trip to do in the near future…unless this commenter’s theory is true.

No one suspected that the boy was about to be tragically bludgeoned.”

The intentional absurdness of the photo is a pretty clear indicator that Sony isn’t recommending literally handing your crush a PS5 at school. Weirdness aside, though, you’ve got to admit it would definitely send the message that you’re serious about the person you’re giving it to, since no one is out there handing out “obligation PlayStations” like they’re “obligation chocolate.”

Source: Twitter/@PlayStation_jp via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
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