As the old saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, not through sewage pipes.

As much as we actually quite like Valentine’s Day, it may seem that we’re sometimes going out of our way to put ourselves, and our readers, off the whole thing with horror news stories about the pubic-hair content of chocolates and now this photo of the lesser-known effects of the run up to Valentine’s Day.

“Yesterday was the last day of the three-day weekend before Valentine’s Day,” the tweet reads. “I wonder how many repair calls will come in for sink drainage pipes that are clogged up with chocolate-making failures.”

While many Japanese girls and women will make chocolates for Valentine’s Day, even if they’re just to give to each other, not all of those attempts will be resounding culinary successes. Presumably the gooey, chocolatey mess must have been liquid enough to warrant washing down the sink. Until it cooled, and solidified into the scrumb-diddly-umptious looking cocoa mass that we see before us. This might just be the tip of the fatberg, or so Twitter user @shinnosuke0113‘s photograph would have us believe, claiming to show discarded and flushed chocolate in the lead up to a previous Valentine’s Day.

Other Twitter users were quick to offer suggestions about what to do, rather than pour precious, precious chocolate down the drain. One delicious sounding idea was to re-melt the chocolate and mix it into some hot milk, for a luxurious hot chocolate. Another suggested adding the leftover chocolate into their curry for a richer sauce. As impressive as both of those ideas are, what’s more impressive is that those lead-bellied commenters could think of food after seeing the picture, and a far greater number of Twitter users simply lamented the wastefulness of our modern society.

It turns out though, that the offending filling in the photo isn’t chocolate at all, but just your everyday, run-of-the-mill block of coagulated fat. After the tweet went viral, @shinnosuke0113 admitted that the photo was actually a staged cautionary notice, so chocolate is off the hook for clogging up the specific pipe seen in the photograph.

Still, while men may say they want home-made chocolates over shop-bought ones, won’t someone please think of the pipes? This photo may have been a fake but somewhere out there, a pipe could be choking on pre-Valentine’s Day chocolates. Maybe, a giant Kirby would make a better Valentine’s present this year? You’d have to try pretty hard to force him down a plug hole.

Source: Twitter/shinnosuke0113 via jin115
Featured image: Twitter/@shinnosuke0113