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Japan’s got a somewhat unusual obsession with knee-high socks, with enthusiasts having come up with no fewer than two days a year to celebrate their love of thin-covering legwear. Of course, the country has the other, less unusual fetish of exposed skin.

But what about smartphone users who can’t pick between the two? Isn’t there a way to satisfy both their cravings at once?

Why yes there is, with a new app that lets users swipe the screen to make a model raise or lower her socks.

The newly released Zettai Kustushita, or Absolute Socks, isn’t exactly a game per se, but it is a bit of interactive entertainment for Android-running smartphones. Fire the app up, and a pair of slender legs appear onscreen, with the owner grasping the opening of her left sock.

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Slide your finger, and the model pulls the sock higher. Repeating the process allows the user to go through various lengths, with the last stretching up to the lower thigh.

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Oddly enough, the app doesn’t reward you for running your finger specifically along the woman’s leg. A simple upwards swipe anywhere on the edges of the screen will make the woman tug her sock higher, and a downward swipe will make her push it back down.

▼ The developers do make up for this missed opportunity for titillation by using the perviest cartoon hands possible in the program’s tutorial, however.

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For users who are feeling lazy and horny, it’s possible to change the settings so that the model goes through the ritual of raising and lowering her socks automatically, like a scantily-clad guard displaying proper flag etiquette outside the gate of the embassy of Sexyland. There’s also a tilt-control setting, and even a voice-activated mode. Tapping the exclamation point at the top of the screen will allow you to save the image, plus quickly share it through social networking sites.

▼ This is a great feature for the modern-day horndog, whose fast-paced, 21st century lifestyle necessitates a way to broadcast not only his knee-high sock fetish, but the specific details of such, as quickly as possible.

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Despite the temptation for a quick cash grab, Absolute Socks’ developers have been surprisingly thorough. Aside from the above-mentioned control options, users can choose between three camera angles/zoom levels: seated long-angle, seated close-up, and a close-up of the back of the knees with the model standing.

Absolute Socks also did their best to make sure their creation has legs, by building in the ability to download additional sets of clothing and socks.

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The extra content will be available for 99 yen (US $0.95) per pack, making them far cheaper than an actual pair of knee-high socks, not to mention a trip to a cosplay hostess club.

Absolute Socks is available for download here.

Sources: IT Media, Zettai Kutsushita