We’ve all gnawed on a cube of bubble gum or stick of spearmint at some point in our lives, but if an alien spaceship were to land in front of you and its driver ask you to describe “this chewing gum,” what would you say?

Japanese/Korean candy maker Lotte’s brand of Fit’s Link gum seems to have found the answer which they showed in a 15 second commercial. It must be right because after watching it I feel like either I or they are from another planet.

The commercial titled Gokiken Shukkin (Cheery Going to Work) shows your average Japanese salaryman waiting for the train as he pops in a piece of Fit’s Link gum.

The flavor takes effect immediately in the form of a giant fluffy cat. The cat picks him off his feet and accompanies him on his way to the office.

On the train it acts as his soft, gently purring bed.

Of course, I don’t have to explain what this has to do with gum, right? Good. Let’s move on. The gum… or cat, um takes him above ground.

Then it lets him avoid traffic signals by scooting across the power lines.

Just as he arrives to work, the cat disappears and drops him flat on his ass. This is to signify the gum’s flavor fading away. Fit’s Link gum’s flavor is advertised to last 50 minutes as indicated by the timer in the corner.

Overall the commercial has received acclaim worldwide from YouTube viewers. From Japan comments came out to the effect of “I want a fluffy cat to take me too!” and “too cute!” Meanwhile from other parts of the world, people were saying, “This is too amazing for my brain to comprehend” and “Is everyone in Japan on LSD?”

We’d like to thank Peter Payne and his Twitter feed for bringing this commercial to our attention and remind everyone that Fit’s gum is available at J-List for US$2.20 a pack. Remember though, it doesn’t actually make a giant cat appear and carry you places. That’s what all the LSD is for.

Source: YouTube – LOTTE via Twitter