Horror meets chocolate in this Japanese commercial for Snickers. Are the results sweet … or creepy? 


Sadako, one of the most terrifying figures in the horror genre, may be an unlikely match for the internationally popular chocolate bar Snickers, but Mars Japan has recently released a fun commercial that brings the two together.

The commercial, which is the sixth in the series based on the concept “You’re not you when you’re hungry“, shows that not even a horror icon is immune to hunger, as a hungry Sadako awkwardly struggles to come out of the TV screen, with resulting visuals that are more comical than terrifying.


After her clumsy attempt to come out of the TV screen, Sadako proceeds to act like a difficult big-name actress, supposedly because she’s feeling grumpy from being too hungry. The joke is, the haughty actress version of Sadako is played by Yoshiko Mita, a famous veteran actress well-known in Japan. But that’s not all. They also had actress Elly Nanami, who actually played Sadako in the movies, portray the creepy version of the horror character! It’s not a complete surprise, however, that they’ve used such a cast for the commercial, since previous installations in the series have all featured Japanese celebrities as well.

▼ What better way to get hungry Sadako in a good mood than a Snickers bar, right?


▼ They’ve also included a shot with the infamous well too.


We’ll leave you with a video of the actual commercial. Even with Sadako in it, we don’t think it will scare any viewers. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube/ SNICKERS JAPAN, Snickers website,