Okay, if you haven’t guessed already, we admit that at RocketNews24, we’re extremely fond of tasty sweets, and we’ve featured in our past articles quite a few amazing creations by talented confectioners, from exquisite character-themed cakes to adorable Totoro macaroons. Now once again, we’ve found a magnificent piece of baked art that we just had to share with you. This time, it’s a tart inspired by the video game Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and we have to say, it’s one epic-looking treat!

The tart, a creation by blogger and twitter user Star Stone, has captured the attention of Japanese netizens and we’re not surprised. Not only are the colors and details exceptional, the tart actually looks temptingly delicious.

Happily for us, Star Stone has made numerous other stunning sweets with similar themes, which we may not be able to taste but certainly can enjoy with our eyes. Here are just a few examples:

▼Some beautifully decorated colorful Kirby cookiesKirby cookies

▼Kirby and Mario in cookie formKirby and Mario cookies

▼This cupcake topped with Kirby illustrated in icing is simply too cute!Kirby cupcake

Kirby 64 cupcakes with exquisite three-dimensional decorationsKirby 64 cupcakes

▼An adorable Kirby Christmas cakeKirby Christmas cake

▼Kirby Christmas cupcakes cute enough to delight kids and adults alikeKirby Christmas cupcakes

▼Even Chopper from the popular comic One Piece makes an appearance as a cupcake.Chopper cupcake

Now, aren’t these sweets just amazing? It’s hard to imagine anyone not being impressed or  delighted with these masterful creations. If, like us, you find yourself intrigued with these treats, there are many more you can see on Star Stone’s Twitter account and blog, so you may want to check those out. You’re sure to have a sweet time feasting on the pictures!

Source: Twitter @starryhappy, Star Stone’s blog via Togech
Photos:  Twitter @starryhappyStar Stone’s blog, Starry Happy tumbler page