In the past, the image of yoga seemed to revolve around bendy indian gurus who were so close to enlightenment you wouldn’t be surprised if they started floating in the air. However, over the past decade or two, yoga began to gain widespread popularity around the world as a form of exercise that promotes both health and mental wellness.

While some ladies prefer to stay in shape with more intensive cardio workouts at the gym, this mother of two keeps her body lean and mean by practicing yoga. Her daily practices have influenced her daughter’s interest in yoga, and their adorable and inspiring photos have garnered a huge following of over 780,000 users on Instagram!

Laura Kasperzak is a 36-year-old yoga instructor based in the States, and also a mother of two. She has been practicing yoga for 17 years and enjoys involving her family in her daily practices. Her husband, too, is a yoga practitioner, and it’s little wonder that their children (whom Laura refers to as her minis), especially their daughter, show great interest in learning the moves.

Apart from enjoying yoga, Laura-mini also loves posing for the camera! The beautiful and heart-warming pictures they take together brings a whole new look to the traditional practice, and their occasional matching yoga wear just makes it even cuter!

▼ The amazing Laura.

▼ The super adorable Laura-mini.

▼ Laura’s son makes a rare appearance once in a blue moon.

▼ Laura and her husband strike some incredible poses too!

▼ Now there’s one happy bendy family!

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Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Instagram