It may look like some CG monster out of Cloverfield, but the monstrosity above is actually a giant isopod, a type of crustacean that lives deep in the sea. Yes, that Pekinese-sized pill bug actually exists. And now, you can have an iPhone case that looks just like it!

For the low, low price of 2,940 yen (US$28.56), you can conduct your phone calls into the butt of a giant bug-thing! The sturdy silicon case will surely prevent any damage to your iPhone 5/5s while simultaneously repelling any and all romantic interest.


Is that an isopod in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? …Oh, OK.


Can’t talk now, important bug stroking to do.


And just think, if you keep your phone on your nightstand, it will be just like you are falling asleep next to this every night:


Sweet dreams!

Source: Netorabo
Images: Netorabo, Wikipedia