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If there are any small children in the room, now might be a good time to send them to bed or off on an errand. We can’t guarantee that they’ll sleep a wink tonight after seeing this “Nintendog” poodle with its fur dyed and made up to look like Yoshi from the Super Mario series.

This “Super Nintendog” was created by one of the professional dog groomers displaying their skills at the Intergroom 2014 creative contest held earlier this week in New Jersey.

With brightly coloured dye, clippers, a lot of skill and a tremendously patient poodle, this groomer managed to create a pup that we can only describe as what might happen if a copy of Super Mario World went through Jeff Goldblum’s teleporter in the 1986 movie, The Fly. That is to say, absolutely terrifying.

Here’s Yoshi-dog, complete with coin blocks, Mario’s head (!) and a one-up mushroom shaved into to its fur. And is that a Bowser tail it’s sporting!?

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No, that’s not a stuffed toy – it’s a real, breathing, dyed dog. We really don’t know where Yoshi ends and the dog begins here…

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So kids, when you’re playing Nintendo and cry, “Aw, I wish I had a pet Yoshi of my own!” think about what you’re saying. THIS could live in your house with you.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.11.45 AM

Check out more of these incredible grooming creations over on BuzzFeed. Sleep tight, boys and girls!

Source: BuzzFeed via GoNintendo
Photos: Macey J. Foronda/BuzzFeed