Everyone wants to feel the joy of a simple kiss; the intimacy, the passion, the physical closeness, it’s all so nice. But there are many hurdles to successful kissing – the biggest being the fact that you need a willing and kissable partner! So what about the single people of the world? How can they fill their friends’ Facebook feed with annoying photos of themselves caught in the moment and having a nice smooch?

Enter slightly eccentric Japanese blogger Keisuke Jinushi, who lives by the mantra “There’s no time like the present” and is a self-dubbed “perpetual loner”. After his hugely successful “girlfriend hand” selfies wherein he tricked the world into believing he had a real girl of his own to feed him food and wipe ketchup of his face, Keisuke now introduces us to a foolproof technique for anyone who wants to make people think they have a kissable partner! You might get a few funny stares, though…

First, if you ARE lucky enough have someone to kiss, what is better than capturing the beautiful moment in a photograph? For example:

▼A classic kiss between a couple proclaiming their love to the world


▼Lovey-dovey moments (that you were only half involved in since you were busy taking the photo) captured forever


Now, take a good look at the photo below. Just another couple engaging in a passionate kiss, right?


▼Wrong. It’s just our pal Keisuke (check out the kid’s expression on the right)!


You’ve probably already guessed the trick by now. Keisuke is actually holding a wig, which gives the appearance of a real girlfriend from behind. He then takes the picture by positioning his smartphone on a nearby tripod. He also says that if you change the filter setting on apps such as Instagram, your photo can look even more convincing and “selfie.”

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the secret for enjoying ‘kissing’ by yourself.  Maybe you should start scrutinizing your friends’ photos…



But wait, there’s more! Notice the hands cradling his face in the photo below? You can achieve this look too with a few bonus tips from Keisuke (ready for it, guys?)!



▼First, slather foundation onto one of your hands to give your skin tone an even, feminine quality.


▼Then, apply nail polish to your nails, preferably a color that will stand out.


▼You would never guess that it’s actually his own hand!




The creative kisser also encourages you to take kissing pictures in a crowded place so it will appear that you ‘lovebirds’ just can’t wait to be alone. But he doesn’t mention anything about how to deal with all the weird stares.


▼Time for some purikura kissing, like all the other couples out there!


▼If I saw this guy in a photo booth, I would turn around and hightail it out of there…


▼Gotta hand it to him, this one’s pretty convincing. The hands seem a tad too big, though.



▼Happiness ♥



▼I would LOVE to know what’s going on inside the minds of those passersby.


▼Keisuke enjoying a crêpe after a hard day of kissing


You may have come to the conclusion that Keisuke is completely off his rocker, but he’s convinced that kissing can change the world:

“As long as you have a wig and a camera tripod, the kissing possibilities are infinite! If you want it to look like ‘your girl’ is taking the lead, you should prepare foundation and nail polish, too. It’s extremely simple. We humans have constructed high walls when it comes to kissing. But now those walls have crumbled. The world will be a brighter place. I truly believe that the world will head towards peace if we focus more on kissing.”

On a final note, does that wig remind anyone else of Sadako from The Ring? She is not exactly the kissable type…

▼I’d like to see Keisuke try his charms on this chick…


Source: Daily Portal
Images: Daily PortalJ-Film