In many Asian cultures, blood type is said to determine one’s personality or unique characteristics. If you’re not familiar with the traits associated with each blood type, check out our handy guide here (and see if what it says about you is accurate or not!). That said, people with AB blood type are known to be slightly mysterious and the most creative thinkers of the bunch. They may engage in unique hobbies, display genius tendencies, and continually startle you with unexpected surprises the more you get to know them.

So what’s a lady to do when the object of her affections happens to be a gentleman with type AB blood? Perhaps the following handy tips will help you snag his heart if nothing else does!

According to Japanese news site Niconico News, here are four tips for the ladies to catch a guy with AB blood type. We haven’t tested these out ourselves, so feel free to try them out and let us know how it goes!

(Note: the adorable, informational web comics scattered throughout below were originally created by Korean artist PAK Dong-Seon. These fan-translated English versions were taken from The Lazy Girl’s Blog.)

Tip 1: It’s what’s inside that counts

Sometimes there may be an unexpected gap between the outward physical appearance and the inner personality of a type AB man. You might be tempted to say something like, “even though you look one way, you act another,” but DON’T. He’s already tired of hearing this line over and over again, and you don’t want to fall into that same pattern. Instead, what you SHOULD do is praise him on his inner qualities only. Compliments like “you’re so thoughtful” or “you’re so funny” are much more likely to do the trick.



Tip 2: Spend a romantic day viewing art together

Invite your guy on a date to the local art museum! AB-type men are likely to enjoy creative endeavors and have probably spent a good deal of their own time working on artistic or musical projects. Upon being asked to go to a museum, he won’t be able to resist such a day filled with fine culture, and you’ll certainly stand out in his eyes.



Tip 3: Embrace his individuality 

Type AB men are known for having slightly eccentric hobbies or abilities. To name some particular cases, ink painting, performing picture story shows, and researching bugs come to mind. But this fascination with the unconventional is what adds to their charm! You too should express interest in his unique hobbies and try to learn as much as you can about them. When he sees that you’ve become absorbed in something so close to his own heart, he’s likely to fall just as deeply for you!



Tip 4: Stock up on quirky accessories 

AB-type men are lucky to possess both the diligence of type As and the originality of type Bs. At first glance, a type AB’s fashion may appear to be normal, but a closer look will reveal slight unique characteristics in his choice of small accessories, such as his wallet or watch. It’s these little details that express his true personality. Why don’t you join him by adding some distinctive touches to your own personal style? He’ll probably notice the similarities and sense that the two of you could get along well.

Source: Niconico News
Images: Naver (Korean)The Lazy Girl’s Blog