Throughout the world, Britain is known for many things–great music, excellent literature, and sexy men. One thing the country isn’t known for, though, is their good food. In fact, if you ask nearly anyone what they think of British food they’ll probably stick their tongues out and make gagging noises.

It’s a bit unfair, but even in Tokyo–where you can find restaurants serving cuisine from all over the globe–the closest you’ll find to British food is a pub. Although, we have to admit, our friends from the Queen’s country at least know how to serve a good drink.

Recently, though, Mr. Sato and Yoshio, both writers for the Japanese side of RocketNews24, got their hands on a carton of Pot Noodle, a brand of instant noodles so awful “it was voted the ‘most hated brand’ in the UK in a 2004 poll.” And what did our Japanese colleagues think of these awful noodles?


Despite their reputation for being absolutely atrocious, the noodles are still apparently widely consumed in their native country. Produced by Unilever, the noodles were described by one of our British colleagues like this: “I think there are still a lot of people who eat them. There are some who find the noodles tasty, and some who don’t eat them at all. As it is, I ate them in university, but since then I haven’t bought them at all, and I don’t want to eat them.”

Well, that’s a glowing recommendation if we ever heard one!

But that got Mr. Sato and Yoshio thinking–just what in the world do these allegedly horrible noodles taste like? After all, instant noodles are huge in Japan–we would guess (without absolutely any evidence whatsoever) that at lunch time on any given day at least half of the Japanese population is eating ramen from a cup. If anyone is going to be a good judge of the quality (or lack of quality) of some instant noodles, we’re pretty sure two hard-working Japanese writers would be the people to ask!

Brave and curious, the two men cracked open a carton of the Pot Noodles, added some hot water and recorded their reactions. Here’s a quick summary of their journey to the center of disgusting Pot Noodles!

▼ Yoshio wondering just what the hell he’s about to put in his mouth.


▼ “Here’s what they look like,” he shows Mr. Sato without a hint of excitement.


▼ The noodles are still a bit al dente, but that’s apparently how Yoshio likes them.
“Oh, then they’re perfect for you, right?” Mr. Sato asks.


▼ Apparently not…


Even after violently gagging, Yoshio puts on a brave face and digs back in! “The broth…has like no flavor,” Yoshio explains after another bite, “but it has kind of a lime taste and it’s really thick. What the hell…” After slurping down another mouthful of noodles, Yoshio grins and adds, “But once you get used to it, it’s totally edible.”

▼ Though he’s still not entirely sure what he just put in his mouth.


When asked about the lime flavor by Mr. Sato, Yoshio says that it’s kind of sour–and thick. “I’ve never had anything that was this lacking in flavor and yet this thick, so at first–that initial impact–it’s kind of a shock.” After mulling it over for a bit, he decides, “Well, after you get used to the taste, you can definitely eat them.”

▼ “So they’re not very tasty?” Mr. Sato asks.
“Yeah, not tasty at all,” Yoshi laughs, “But they’re not impossible to get down.”


And now it’s Mr. Sato’s turn! Will he find the deliciousness hiding in these noodles waiting to be revealed like the heroine of a teenage romantic comedy?

▼ “Just try that first punch,” Yoshio says.


▼ Mr. Sato takes a sip and…


▼ “What the hell is this?!” Mr. Sato cries out.


▼ “Seriously, what the hell is this??”


▼ “No, really, just what the hell is this???”


After describing the taste–“This is horrible! It’s like…the broth has no flavor, but the top layer is spicy. It’s like drinking spicy hot water. But even so…it’s so thick! I don’t get this at all!”–Mr. Sato decides to give the noodles a try.


▼”It feels like there’s something really important missing.”


After terrorizing their mouths with the Pot Noodles, the men agreed that while you could get used to them, you’d never really like eating them. “But what could you add to make them better?” Yoshio wonders aloud. After thinking about adding some salt–or replacing the noodles altogether–they decide that these noodles might just be beyond repair.

“But…I’m still eating them!” Mr. Sato realizes with a laugh. “They’re bad but…yeah, they’re bad.”

You can watch the entire video below to see their hilarious reactions. Don’t worry, even if you can’t understand Japanese, gagging is the same in every language.

So, have any of our readers tried Pot Noodle? If so, do you have any tips on how to make them delicious? Or at least more edible?? Be sure to let us know in the comments. Maybe we can get Mr. Sato to give it another go!

All images and video by RocketNews24. Horrible instant noodles by England.
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