Ever since Mt Fuji earned World Heritage status in 2013, designers and artists have been marking the occasion with a flurry of creative merchandise featuring the famous landmark. The latest product to hit shelves shows the celebrations are continuing well into 2014, this time with moulded ice mountains that sit perfectly in your favourite drink! The attention to detail is particularly impressive, with the concentrated tip of ice perfectly resembling the famous snow-covered peak of Mt Fuji.

We take a look at the unique mould that makes them and see why this is one of Japan’s latest must-have souvenirs.

Called Fuji on the Rock, each piece of ice is created from a single mould. Designed by home wares and lifestyle accessories brand BRUNO, it’s set to be released in June at a price point of 1,296 yen (US$12.65) each.


The product has been specially designed to create two layers of ice in the one conical design: a concentrated, white, opaque layer that sits upon a wider, clear layer which makes for a perfect resemblance of Mt Fuji. As the ice melts, the mountain changes its appearance and takes on different characteristics, just as it does in real life during the change of seasons.


As the mould does all the work for you, making an icy version of Mt Fuji is incredibly simple. Just follow the steps below: pour, close and freeze. To create an ideal mountain replica in your glass, the company recommends freezing for 8-12 hours.


We’re sure these icy drinks will be making an appearance in bars and restaurants around Mt Fuji soon. The only difficulty will be deciding which drink to enjoy it with!

Source: Idea International 
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