There are a number of active bands in Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF), but at the top of them is the Central Band. In existence longer the GSDF itself, they are the go-to band in situations where it’s unacceptable to screw up, such as welcoming foreign dignitaries and ceremonies of the highest order.

Then there’s “Senbonzakura”. This song was produced by WhiteFlame (aka Kurousa-P) and utilizes the artificial vocal talents of vocaloid Hatsune Miku. After its upload to video hosting site Niconico Douga in 2011, it became a modern classic of the vocaloid genre spawning several remixes and covers online and in karaoke rooms.

So what happens when the rigid discipline and tradition of the GSDF Central Band meets the wild pop of Senbonzakura? Let’s take a listen!

First, in case you’ve been living under one of those old-fashioned rocks without internet access, here’s the original video for “Senbonzakura”.

And here’s a little taste of the tight precision of the GSDF Central Band performing “Bugler’s Holiday” with what appears to be Vin Diesel conducting.

Finally, here’s what those two sound together… minus Vin.

Perhaps, if we were to make one complaint, it’d be that the video is a little too short at only a minute and a half. That can be explained by the book seen at the beginning of the video, however.

“Niconico Cho Party III: God Medley”

The Central Band also announced that it will be performing at Niconico Cho Party III, a two-day pay-per-view live streaming event featuring dozens of Niconico celebrities. According to the band’s website they will be performing on the first day (26 April).

And going by the title God Medley, we can expect them to be performing a range of Niconico Douga hits beyond “Senbonzakura”. What those songs are, however, remains to be seen. Will they treat us to a verse of “Bad Apple”!!?

Will their woodwinds try to capture the insane melodies of “The Temple of the Religion of Ronald“?

The only way to find out is to watch Niconico Cho Party III on 26 and 27 April to see the GSDF Central Band and many other Japanese online video stars perform… Or you could just wait until someone posts it one a video site sometime after.

Source: Niconico Cho Party III (Japanese/ English/ Chinese) GSDF Central Band (Japanese / Some English)
Videos: YouTube – Aerisenn, JGSDFchannel, mario1218100, whispersiichan, skunkman62
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