Do you love burgers and enormous, skinless giants? How about sexy studs Eren and Levi from the super popular Attack on Titan? If you answered yes to any–or all–of those questions, then you better get to your nearest Lotteria this Friday, because supplies for the limited-edition mini-towel and plastic file are…uh…limited!

Also, we’d really like a milkshake while you’re there.

Korean burger chain Lotteria has announced that they’ve teamed up with Attack on Titan to bring fans the meal set that they want…and deserve!

▼Though we’re not sure how well burgers and skinless giants go together…


Starting on April 25, this coming Friday, Lotteria locations across Japan will be offering 500 yen (about US$5) meals with a choice of a cheeseburger or teriyaki burger plus a small drink and small fries, as well as either the mini towel and plastic file pictured above. Obviously, for serious Attack on Titan fans, this is one special you won’t want to miss out on.

We also expect to see quite a few fans putting on a couple of extra pounds as they rush to buy double meals in order to secure both the exclusive items. It might seem like the cruelest kind of marketing to make people choose which they want more, but it’s hardly the worst we’ve seen recently. Hey, at least you get to take something home with you instead of just a sad little high-five.

Of course, there’s something a little…special about this offer. It’s not just more Attack on Titan goods–it’s Attack on Titan goods featuring Levi and Eren, a couple who’ve apparently become quite popular with fujoshi (a less-than-kind term for women who love yaoi) in Japan. The comments section for one Japanese site posting the news exploded with netizens complaining about the love-lorn female fans, though most of the commenters–male, we presume–said they couldn’t see the pair as anything other than a boss and his subordinate getting lunch.

Then again, some people think Sherlock and Watson don’t have any chemistry

▼And, you know, he does really know his way around a sword…


Either way, we’re sure the folders will disappear quickly enough! So, if you’ve got your eye one a new home for all your important paper work, try to get to Lotteria early! Otherwise you might just end up with a silly little towel. And what would you use that for?

Now, about that milkshake…

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Images: Danbooru, Lotteria