It’s no surprise that the fast food market is a competitive one, particularly in Japan where restaurants go to great lengths to create the most unique items to bring in the customers.

This time, Burger King Japan has announced a new breakfast line-up of unique items not often found in fast food joints. At the head of this new seven-item menu is the wonderful Spam & Cheese for 260 yen (US$2.54).

The Spam & Cheese is a moderate slice of the canned spiced pork topped with pickles, cheese, mayo and lettuce all on a whole-grain bun. It’s a simple and fresh sandwich that Burger King hopes will be just right for a morning pick-me-up.

If Spam is a little too heavy for you then there’s the BLT Burger which has only a couple slices of bacon topped with cheese, lettuce, pickles, and tomato also on a whole grain bun. It’s a breakfast intended for those who want to stay light on their toes in the morning for 260 yen ($2.54).

Then again, if Spam is a little too light for your tastes, BK has the Bolognaise Burger which has an all-beef patty smothered in a slow-stewed meat sauce with special hit of red wine. In addition to that, there’s tomato and onion all for 260 yen ($2.54). Sandwiched in a whole-grain bun, this one’s for people who get their daily energy boost from some red meat.

To round out the more original breakfast sandwiches is the Beef Ham Sandwich for 310 yen ($3). Although it’s a slightly confusing name, this rye bun sandwich is filled with beef ham: one-millimeter-thick slices of salted beef. To compliment this is a slice of cheese, mayo, sliced onion and tomato. It’s meant to be a lighter yet meaty sandwich for a morning meal.

Of course there are also more regular (for Japan) breakfast foods as well such as the Hot Dog Classic and Morning Burger for 200 yen ($1.95) each, and the Fish Sandwich for 310 yen ($3). They’re also sold with a small drink for an additional 90 to 100 yen ($0.88-$0.98).

So, if you’re tired of the usual old sausage, egg and cheese sandwiched between two pancakes, head on down to any Burger Spam and Egg King in Spam Japan for something different.

Source: Nikkei Press Release, Nari Nari (Japanese)